About Us


About Pamela

Sheltered Co. is the innovation of Pamela Hunter, a mother of 3, born altruist, and general celebrator of human goodness. There is no person she wouldn’t like to help, and Sheltered Co. allows her to do exactly that. As a veteran of fashion and design, Pamela knew these blankets couldn’t just be therapeutic and functional; they had to be beautiful too. When her daughter was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder Pamela was inspired to find a mechanism to promote both sleep and calm while helping to promote body regulation. A weighted blanket was the ideal solution. 


About Us 

Our blankets are soft and sturdy, breathable yet thick--something to envelop and shelter without overwhelming the senses. Hand-woven and using dead stock fabrics whenever possible, each blanket is constructed with love and meant to be a treasured. 

We’re dedicated to shattering the stigma that weighted blankets are sterile, clinical and only for those in hardship. Weighted blankets are amazing and for everyone: who couldn’t use a good hug after a long day? Likewise, our blankets are not only natural and handcrafted, but also beautiful.

We never use plastic or polyester beads or pellets to add weight. Instead our woven blankets are constructed from a luxurious and thick jersey, breathable and natural, using only recycled or dead stock fabrics.