How We Found Weighted Blankets

 The entire Hunter family.

The entire Hunter family.

While I’ve worked hard to outline in our “about” section the origin of weighted blankets in my life, I thought a blog post providing more detail would be important. Here is how our family was introduced to weighted blankets and our experience.

When my daughter Ransom began a school geared toward children with sensory needs we were taught about “heavy work” and “sensory seeking”—vocabulary words for those with sensory processing disorder—and how these concepts might provide her with some relief, which was something she, and weher parents and family, where desperate to find. When Ransom was unable to regulate herself she became wild, frantic and distressed in a way that was entirely unlike behavior I had ever seen—worse, it was something I was unfamiliar with as a mother, which was incredibly distressing, and all we wanted was to find her relief.

We were told repeatedly to look into heavy blankets, compression vests, anything that might help ground and calm her. Our first attempts with the vest were unsuccessful, which was discouraging, but then we found weighted blankets and we were astonished by the results.

The blanket exceeded our expectations. Ransom didn’t just calm down when we draped one over her, but instead it gave her an entirely new concept: that she could control herself with this tool. It literally provided her with the foundation to self-soothe, and once we saw that we were hooked.  I wanted to give blankets to everyone. Blankets are a simple concept, but they could change the world. They’re a gentle way to remind ourselves we alone have the power to sooth ourselves.

I think a lot about the idea of calm. It’s a word charged with meaning for me. As children we’re told to be calm. As adults we’re taught to stay calm. And now that I see the power in it I like to ask people how they do it-- maintain a sense of calm. (I personally am a believer in very hot Epsom bath soaks, a meditative chew on ice and, of course, blankets).

In a world where the idea of calm is suddenly a very hot commodity, yoga and meditation are becoming more and more widespread. For our family, the weighted blanket became an anchor for calm. Once we felt the weight of the blanket, our bodies got the signal to slow down. Weighted blankets were our first glimpse of calm with Ransom and the transformation was nothing short of remarkable.

Please keep your own experiences with your blankets coming! I can’t tell you how much I love reading them!