As a mother to a child with special needs, my first instinct was to buy a weighted blanket for my son. But I never guessed that using one for myself would be so beneficial! Besides being incredibly beautiful, the blanket helps me sleep so much better and it’s been my go-to comfort when I’m feeling restless and worried.

- Jaana Nugent Peltekian



My husband and I hate raising our voices with our kids, but to eliminate such a thing with a five and two year-old seemed impossible. I couldn’t even think where to begin. I had a hypothesis when I got our blanket—that I would yell less, learn to chill out and show my kids how by example. We leave our blanket on the foot of our bed and it’s become our chill out station, and not just for me, but for both kids. We’re done with the horrible attempts to send our spirited five year-old begrudgingly to her room. Now she knows to go sit with the blanket until she feels better—and eventually you always do, that’s the beauty of it. Our blanket has changed how we parent, how our kids deal with emotion and how we interact as a family. It’s been a huge thing for us.

- Jamie Ramirez



The first night after we got our Sheltered blanket my husband and I both woke up, looked at each other, and immediately started sharing with one another about the incredible nights sleep we just had. We weren’t sure if it was the blanket or if we were just “tired parents”, but every single night our sleep has been consistently deeper, longer, and dreamier than ever before. So SO happy with our purchase.

- Kaylee Defer



I know Pam personally, and if she could help calm, soothe and HUG every human on this planet, she would. Its no wonder that she designed a blanket that does all of those things. I would support her solely from watching the joy she exudes, knowing she has found a way to help the world...one blanket at a time.

- Patricia Williams (http://www.blackiboys.com)



Sheltered Co.’s weighted blanket has completely changed the bedtime routine in our house. My oldest son has a developmental delay and needs extra support during the day. We use the weighted blanket to help him sleep both during nap time and at night. His blanket helps calm into a nap when he so desperately needs one, but doesn’t think he does. Now my younger son also asks for it while watching movies and reading. Every guest in our house who uses it raves about it, and several have gone on to buy on for themselves. We are believers!

- Katlain Schultzz



We love our beautiful sheltered.co blanket so much. It has become a statement piece in our bedroom but unlike most pretty things, it is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. It hugs my husband and I to sleep each and every night and I have never slept so deeply. I can’t imagine how we lived without our weighted blanket!

- Ali Lee Hollon



The first day I brought my weighted blanket home I put it on my 3 year old after he fell asleep. HE TOOK A 3 HOUR NAP. That hadn’t happened in over a year. I wanted to cry. I didn’t know how much I needed this blanket until I had it. It is literally a hug. Now I have to to fight my husband, kid, and dogs for a turn to snuggle with it. You can literally feel all the love that Pam puts in to it. Saving my pennies for a bigger one!

- Briana Hickspedicone



I tried a Sheltered weighted blanket for my 3.5 yr old who doesn't sleep consistently through the night. He is high energy and moves about a million miles per minute. Once we started covering him with his blanket, he has slept through the night so much more consistently--which is invaluable! Also, the first day we had it, I climbed into his tiny bed and covered myself with it, kind of as a joke for him, but also to feel how it felt. I fell right asleep! I was like "woah, this blanket is the real deal". And it is. So glad we decided to try it. Now I'm just wondering when we should get another one!?

- Hannah Adams Burque



Let’s see. For one supporting a mom-owned business that has an incredible mission and produces gorgeous blankets is a bit of a no-brainer. I bought the blanket for my son, but now it’s everyone’s favorite to snuggle with. It really does help you become instantly calmer—I suffer from occasional insomnia and it REALLY helps during bad nights when nothing else will. Plus did I mention it’s really really pretty?

- Zinzi Edmundson